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DT and AF Land Empty DT and AF Land

Post by Kiko on Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:25 pm

So as I said, Raul and I have begun creating a story about you guys in order to express how much we don't hate you all :D (except Nobel)

So here's the first chapter, I'll be adding more chapters as we continue. NOTE: This is just a joke story and shouldn't be taken to heart you fucking faggots, also if you're not in the story...don't worry, you will be in time!

DT and the land of AF

Chapter 1: United Love
Chapter 1:

It was a warm night in the little town of Paedo, and DT was beginning to pack her belongings for the next journey ahead of her. It had been a long time since DT had returned home to the small town of Paedo. It was just like she remembered it, however I guess in these times you cannot expect much to change from a town that was originally owned from a sex starved pedophile some 200 years ago. To say the least, it wasn't such a bad place really...so long as you weren't a child that is. DT had a tough time growing up in this town herself, sure she lost her virginity at an unspeakable age, however she survived it all. But lets not get too ahead of ourselves, that's a story for another time after all. After packing her shit and what not, she got on her horse and left ASAP!

From the town of Paedo she was headed to the big metropolis of Kawaii. The city has an even older and more wicked history than that of her small town of Paedo, but in turn it had attracted many people for it's ability to protect humans from the all so many demons and nightmares of this cruel world. As she rode her horse to the city of Kawaii, she heard many odd sounds in the forest and lakes she passed on her way. DT was familiar with these sounds however, for she had become the greatest hero in the land of AF. The sun began to break through the darkness and fog of the night as DT was approaching the city of Kawaii. Soon after she could see the city itself in the distance, it's enormous buildings and monuments were the envy of the known world...truly a city for mankind to show off with.

As DT arrived in the city, she could hear the children and the people say her name as their hero rode through to the Mayor's office in the center of the city. DT jumped off her horse as soon as she arrived outside the Mayor's office and busted through the doors like some kind of wild wild west badass, naturally there are some who dislike DT and her mannerisms, but she did not care for the thoughts of the haters and bitch ass niggas. The mayor saw her and at once stood up and said with a slightly understandable foreign accent, “Greetings o' great DT! Have you come to handle the recent nightmare that has been terrorizing our citizens?”

DT replied, “Aye Mayor PT. Just tell me where and have my money ready before I come back.”
Mayor PT: “Very well! Here is an envelope with all the information regarding this matter inside, should you require anything...please feel free to buy it on your own, I can't be giving out more money as it is! Elections are coming up and I fear the people dislike my Communist like ideas-”
DT: “kthxbai”

And with that last statement, DT left Mayor PT's office and walked to the nearest bar for a quick drink before she left on her new journey. As she entered the bar she saw in the edge of her vision a rather sour looking character, however she paid no mind to it and walked into the bar and sat down and ordered herself the “Finest fucking drink you got”. The bartender was a young fellow by the name of Brandon. Brandon was not amused by DT's suggestive gestures of sex, however he did as he was told and served up the finest drink he had available. Shortly after consuming her drink, DT had become rather wasted and began to start letting her sexuality control her. Brandon looked into her eyes and told her, “Pay me and get out you drunk whore.”

In a ball of rage and lust DT replied, “Listen here you black bitch, I ain't payin for shit! Do you have any idea who the fuck I a-”
Brandon stole her shit.
I guess you can say Brandon had a bit of a short temper...however he wasn't a complete asshole, and so he picked up DT and took her to the nearest Inn for her to rest up. He took the money she owed him from her coin bag, as well as the money to pay for the Inn for the night.

DT awoke the next morning with a really sore face and blood taste in her mouth, she remembered what had happened the night before and shrugged it off. After cleaning up and getting ready again, she opened the contents of the envelope and began to read what the details were. Shortly after reading the contents of the envelope, she began to burn it and leave. On her way out of the city, she came across an ad on a board that read: “Troll by the name of Unknown. Wanted Dead or Alive. 500 gold.” She stored that information into the back of her mind just in case she would run into it later.

This time around Mayor PT had given our hero DT the task of killing a werewolf that had been spotted just outside the city, most of the victims had been attacked near the lake of the Forest of the Damned. The lake had no real name since it had recently been formed for reasons which are still unknown, however the lake did bring about fresh drinking water for the city so most people paid no attention to the details, they just knew to stay away from the forest entrance...for there are very dark and wicked things in there that live in the tales of nightmares. As DT approached the lake, her horse began to slow down on its own. Shortly before reaching the entrance of the forest, DT's horse absolutely refused to go any further as it could smell the pure evil that was oozing out of the forest.

DT shook her head in disapproval and left the horse right by a single tree near the lake, she entered the forest alone. This is not the first time she has entered this forest on her own. With her experience to back her up, she confidently strolled into the forest and soon as engulfed in the darkness...the forest was known for being able to turn any day into night. As DT struggled to light herself a torch she could hear the forest breathing down her spine, not long after she managed to light the torch and she could see around her finally. As she continued down the only path known in the forest she began to see similar markings from tree to tree. The trees had wounds, those that DT had only seen from a werewolf, no doubt it was the beast who was terrorizing the city people who went to fetch some water from the lake at night.

Eventually after walking along the path for so long DT began to feel the affect of the forest fog begin to take its toll on her, humans were not meant to stay in the forest for so long. In an attempt to try and regain some fresh air, she began to climb the nearest tree. As she started to see small openings of light coming through the top of the tree she heard a loud thump, followed by an even louder howl. She quickly reached for her blade, but before she could establish a footing and position herself to defend from whatever it was that was coming, she felt blood rushing down her back as the pain from the claws of the beast who just attacked her began to fill her up. She was a tough girl, and didn't even allow a moan of pain come out. As she fell down the tree and landed on the ground, she saw that it was indeed a werewolf that had been described in the envelope that Mayor PT had given her.

DT quickly scrambled to her feet before the beast could manage another strike on her. The beast then charged at DT, and DT slashed at it with her blade. She managed to gash at the beast in it's shoulder, it let out another howl, this one induced from pain however. The beast dropped it's guard from the pain, and DT jumped at it with a fearsome strike. Yet again landing another blow to the beast's shoulder, after that the beast fell to the ground and began to turn back into human. After the beast had returned to its human form, DT recognized who the human was! It was her first and only true love, Pai from small town of Paedo.

End Chapter 1.

It's come to my attention that some of you believe that there are a lot of grammar errors. Well, fuck you. I ain't doing this to win some damn literature prize.

Chapter 2: The Welsh Disaster
Chapter 2:

DT awoke rather confused and felt kinda sick. She looked around to try and remember exactly where she was, after a few seconds she finally came to, mentally speaking. She got out of the bed and went off to wash her face. Laying still in the bed was her lover Pai, he was also beginning to awake. Now, some of you may be wondering what just happened...so, just in case you didn't get the hint: Pai and DT fucked and DT collected her reward for “taking care” of the problem terrorizing the city. DT had convinced Pai to join her in her journeys in order to never be apart from each other again, and so he agreed happily. After getting ready and packing their things, Pai rubbed his shoulder, which had not yet completely healed yet. He was not the only one who appeared to have trouble with wounds, DT's back was still sore and needed dressing changes frequently. This posed a serious problem for the lovers, they didn't have the time to just wait around for their wounds to heal completely so they decided to seek out the best way possible to completely heal their wounds quickly, magic.

As the lovers were leaving the city, they happened to come across Brandon. DT told Pai about what had happened the night before, naturally...this pissed Pai off a lot. Pai confronted Brandon, “Hey you, did you punch her?!”
Brandon, “That's right I did, I also fucked her while she was unconscious!”
Pai jumped at Brandon and the two began to fight. However being that DT is indeed black, she did not believe in one on one fighting and jumped in as well. DT stabbed Brandon in his back with her blade, and then Pai lifted Brandon up on his shoulders and carried him towards the nearest dumpster where he threw him inside. DT and Pai left him there, however Brandon's run of bad luck had not ended just yet...for that dumpster was home to a vile creature named Bugz. Naturally, the creature had its way with Brandon before releasing him. Poor bastard...

Now even though this world is full of hocus pocus bullshit, it's not as easy to find a wizard as you may think! However DT has traveled to many distant lands and in her journeys has met some very interesting people, including a wizard by the name of Sam. The wizard was known by various names such as, Top, TopHat, TopSammy, Sam, Sammy, Samantha, or just Sammy kun. Now in order to reach the wizard, DT and Pai would have to travel a very long distance, for the wizard lived in a land known as Wales. Wales was a fairly normal land, with almost no fantasy-like creatures to be found...however the humans who did inhabit the lands spoke a very odd and rather funny dialect. Also they found it amusing to have sex with sheep and shit, pretty fucking gross, but moving on.

Mayor PT had heard news that DT was beginning to leave the city, so PT had his errand boy send DT a message regarding another quest for her to do. The errand boy was the same sour looking character DT saw when she first arrived in the city, the boy goes by the name of Iept. Iept managed to catch up to DT and Pai before they left and handed them the letter and informed them of Mayor PT's wishes. Before the errand boy left, DT asked the boy, “You! Why do you seem to be so...shitty?”
Iept responded, “Excuse me afro-american?”
DT, “What was that!?”
Iept, “Miss afro-american?”
Pai, “How dare you disrespect my love!”
And with that Pai jumped off his horse and threw the pathetic boy across the road, the poor boy passed out from the trauma he received from the toss, and with that DT and Pai left the city. However before the boy was able to regain consciousness, the vile creature Bugz came crawling back for more action...had his way with the boy too. Damn that's nasty.

As the interracial couple traveled towards their destination of Wales, they did happen to have to stop a couple of times. They happened to come across a small town by the name of Detroit. In the town of Detroit they had decided to get a quick bite to eat, however when they walked into the nearest cafe, a crazy crackhead tried to mug them. However his foolish attempt was quickly ended by a bitch slap from Pai. Now the town of Detroit was known for its nasty crimes and even more gross blacks, truly a shithole. As DT and Pai were leaving the town, they saw many things they wish they could do something about but they realized in their current status they were no match for the numbers of thugs and lowlifes surrounding them. As they left they could hear the screams of damned of Detroit, and in the back of DT's mind sprang across, “Someday...I'm gonna burn this place down.” And in the back of Pai's mind, “Where's my wallet?”

After a week's worth of travel the couple had finally arrived at Wales, however there was something wrong. DT realized the entire land had been conquered by trolls! Trolls were awful creatures, they fed on the anger, fear, and utter sadness that people shed. However this was no trouble for our great hero DT and her loving companion Pai! Or so you would think...because these trolls were being led by the greatest troll known in the land of AF: Unknown. He was a fearsome troll indeed, he had the ability to kill some humans with his pure voice and appearance! Luckily enough for the couple, Unknown had not yet made an appearance so this gave them a chance to quickly kill off as many trolls as possible. Wave after wave of trolls continued to attack the couple, they soon became fatigued. Eventually one of the trolls managed to grasp Pai and whisper into his ear, “NGE sucked ass”
And then with a loud howl, Pai turned into a werewolf from the sheer rage that the troll induced. He easily ripped the troll apart with his beast claws and jaws. And just as things were beginning to look better for our couple, Unknown appeared.

Surprisingly enough, DT found the creature to be rather attractive! She quickly looked away from the hideous creature's gaze and looked at her now turned beast lover and awaited his response. Pai leaped onto Unknown's face and began to claw away, or so they thought...for Unknown's drool began to pour down and cover Pai. This forced Pai into returning into human form. Unknown spoke, “gibberish gibberish gibberish, creepy shit, gibberish, nigbro.” His words were like nails on a chalkboard for DT and Pai and they screamed in agony! Unknown realized that DT was a female and began to drool even more and reached for DT. Before Unknown could touch her, a loud crack could be heard rumbling around the skies and then shortly followed by a brilliant light so bright that it temporarily blinded the lovers.

DT opened her eyes to see something she had not expected, Unknown the troll was being fought away by the very person she seeked, Sammy the wizard. Sammy unleashed a spell which confused the trolls and made them all run away. Sammy the wizard appeared as a god to DT as he walked over to her and her lover who were both badly injured, and said with a rather surprising tone, “I say, you appear to have suffered quite a beating my good chum DT.”
DT, “Save it you punk bitch! Help us out here...we're not looking so good.”
Sammy, “Indeed mate, not to worry! I'll have you both fixed up before tea is ready!”
And with that, DT and Pai passed out. Sammy the wizard took them both to his lair where he began to heal them both. He knew his magic may be enough to heal the lovers, however he was well aware that the trolls would return soon, and he alone could not take them down his magic...no, he needed the help of an old friend he had not since spoken to in ages.

End Chapter 2.

Chapter 3: The Siren's Cry

Chapter 3:

DT awoke in a strange cavern that had lewd images of Chinese cartoons on the walls. She got up from the bed she had been laying on and realized that she had no pain at all, she knew at that moment it had been Sammy the Wizard's doing. She smiled as she began to remember all the times Sammy had saved her black ass, and then Pai walked in and said, “What are you smiling about?”
DT, “Oh, nothing its just I'm glad we're still alive”
Pai, “Yeah...I'm still not sure what happened back there”
DT, “It was Sammy the Wizard, he found us in time and saved us from Unknown and his band of trolls”
Pai, “Speaking of which, where is the great wizard now?”
DT, “He must be out now...”

Sammy the Wizard had finally reached the coast, and he casted a light with his catalyst which made the sea move as if it was alive. A strange song began to ring through Sammy's ears as he patiently waited. From the sea came a creature the size of a human being, however it appeared more like a dolphin from a distance. The creature was carried by a wave towards Sammy, and it spoke: “It's been awhile you damn chav”
Sammy, “Yeah I've been kinda busy lately, but I need your help Miku!”
Miku, “Help? Sure...what is it that you need my friend?”
Sammy, “Unknown and his band of trolls have invaded Wales, it's awful!”
Miku, “Damn...very well”
And thus Sammy the wizard had recruited his friend Miku the siren to join him in his quest to defeat Unknown and his band of trolls. Miku was able to walk onto land after he casted a spell upon himself. They both arrived back at Sammy's lair where they walked in on DT and Pai making love. Eww lol
Sammy: “good god, put some clothes on! Why the fuck would you do that in my home?! Awww you sick fucks!”
Pai: “Sorry!! She started it!”
DT: “Why not join us Sammy? Oh you brought along Miku!”
Miku: “Seems like you haven't changed much DT...”

After a very fucking awkward moment DT and Pai were dressed again, and they joined in on Miku and Sammy's plot to get rid of the troll infestation. After about an hour of planning, they had come to a conclusion as to how they would destroy Unknown and his band and began to prepare. As they began to search for the trolls using Pai's superior sense of smell, they saw the aftermath of what had happened. The entire land of Wales had been ravaged by the trolls, there was no living soul left alive. This only fueled DT's great flame of justice within her...that or she was just in the mood again, but with Pai being upset at the idea of Sammy and Miku joining in, she knew it just wasn't the time nor place for it. While in thought DT and the others could hear loud footsteps coming in their direction, and they knew what was coming.

Pai was the first to jump into action as he attacked the first troll that was leading the stampede, however in midair the troll struck Pai with a vicious blow that sent Pai crashing to the ground. DT screamed in anger and horror as she saw the trolls swarming over Pai and beating the living shit out of him. Sammy casted a spell which blew away the trolls from Pai, he was lying motionless badly beaten. As more of the trolls came Miku stepped up and let out brutal screech which made the trolls fall to their knees in pain. DT quickly took advantage of this opportunity and began to slash away at the trolls, prior to the battle Sammy had casted a spell on the group so they wouldn't be hurt by Miku's siren powers. As the battle raged on Sammy began to realize there was something wrong...Unknown wasn't among the trolls they were fighting, this scared the shit out of him. Then, the group saw Pai's limp body fly through the air like a rag doll and slam against a tree and hit every branch on the way down. Sammy used the rest of his energy to kill off the remaining trolls in a panic, he crumbled to his knees and began to pant heavily. Miku then saw in the corner of his eyes a figure which looked all too familiar, it was Unknown.

He had captured DT and stripped her, she let out a scream for help. With Pai being knocked the fuck out, and Sammy being too worn out to do anything, Miku was the only one who responded to her screams. Before Miku could reach Unknown and DT, more trolls arrived and attacked Miku...these must have been Unknown's elite guards since they were much more fearsome than the other trolls they had killed. Being outnumbered Miku knew he had to do something quickly in order to save DT, and then he transformed himself into his true siren form, a beautiful woman. The trolls began to drool and were mesmerized by the siren, while in a trance Miku let began to sing the song of the siren. One by one, the trolls were dropping dead from the song. After all the trolls died, Unknown began to hear Miku's song and threw DT's violated body towards the sound. DT slammed against Miku and they both crashed on the floor. Unknown, having just finished throwing DT at Miku after he raped her, charged at Miku who still appeared as a beautiful woman.

Unknown grabbed Miku and lifted him off the floor and groped him hard. Miku tried to let out another screech but Unknown quickly bit out Miku's tongue! He then slammed Miku down on the ground and began to violate him as well, Miku tried to let out a scream however nothing but gargled sounds came out. With Pai, DT, and Sammy all knocked out and hurt and Miku being raped by Unknown, things looked to have gone for the worse...and then Miku began to see a blurry flicker of light through his tears. Unknown noticed this as well and looked up towards the light puzzled, however he continued to rape Miku still. A voice then broke through the terrible scene and said: “Eat this you ugly bitch!” Which was followed by a loud bang! Unknown's body jerked and fell off of Miku and blood splattered everywhere.

A rather large figure came out from the rip in space and light, it was Ninja from the future who shot Unknown straight in the head and saved the poor bastards! Talk about convenient...fucking fairy tails amirite? Ninja did a scan of the area to make sure there was no more trolls left and then checked the group's vitals. After making sure the group was alive, he gathered their bodies together and began to perform first-aid. Sammy was the first to awake, and see the android...naturally he was shocked to see it. Ninja then introduced himself to Sammy and explained what had happened.
“So yeah, I came through and killed Unknown...he fucked y'all up pretty bad lol”
Sammy, “Thank you Ninja! But why have you come from the future...was it just to save us?”
Ninja, “Yeah that's right, I have to...you guys must survive this encounter in order for the land of AF to be saved!” As Ninja explained the details to Sammy, he began to use his magic to heal the group from their horrible injuries. Including Miku and DT's assholes which had been torn up pretty bad, lmao.

-Meanwhile in the city of Kawaii-

Elections had ended and the new mayor of Kawaii had been elected: Iept. PT and his party had been kicked out of the city and forever banned from entering again...

“How could this have happened!?” said PT with tears running down his face.

End Chapter 3.

Chapter 4: Winter is coming
Chapter 4:

-1 week later-

“What ever happened to that siren?” said Ninja....Sammy replied, “Ever since what happened he's been locked away in his chambers chronically masturbating with his tears, he's been mentally broken”
Ninja, “Are you saying he's of no use to us anymore?”
Sammy, “Well, not exactly...I know of a spell that can clear his memory from a specific point, but the issue is I don't know how to perform the spell”
Ninja, “Do you know anyone who does?”
Sammy, “Yeah...my sensei”
Ninja, “Will she teach you how to use it? Or at least perform it on Miku?”
Sammy, “Perhaps...I guess we have to go find her and see for ourselves though”
DT, “If you guys are going to find Sammy's sensei then I guess Pai and I will go see the Oracle for help as well”

And with that the heroes split apart in different directions in order to find help for the chaos that had begun in the city of Kawaii. Sammy's sensei was a wise witch in the southern lands of AF known as PR. As Sammy and Ninja traveled to PR, they got to know each other better with casual talk. This was a long journey and took several days to reach the lands of PR, but one the night before finally arriving in PR: Sammy and Ninja had found a cave in which to rest in for the night, as it was raining heavily and they needed shelter. Ninja started a fire while Sammy created beds for the two to sleep in with his magic. Sammy, “So...”
Ninja, “So...what?”
Sammy, “...” *he stared into Ninja's eyes*
Ninja, “Dude what?”
Sammy, “...nothing, it's just...” *he scooted closer to Ninja*
Ninja, “...what are you doing?”
Sammy, “shhhh...look...I like you....and I want you...now we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. The choice is yours.”
Ninja, “...you gay brah?”
Sammy, “I see you choosing the hard way, that's cool too”
Ninja, “No wait-”
Sammy jumped onto Ninja and pinned him on the ground and looked deeply into his eyes.
With a slowly growing smile Ninja said, “I like you too...” And Ninja reached up and kissed Sammy. And then it got really fucking gay and they went all Brokeback Mountain.

The next morning Ninja woke up to see Sammy already dressed and preparing to set out again. Ninja said, “About last night...”
Sammy, “Let's never talk about it again, ok cocoa bear?”
Ninja, “...it's for the best”

As they were arrived in PR, Ninja eventually asked, “What's your sensei's name anyhow? I don't recall hearing about a wise witch in the South from the future”
Sammy, “Her name is Zuly. She's the strongest mage in all the land of AF without a doubt.”
The land of PR was a beautiful warm land of peace and tranquility. Ninja and Sammy enjoyed the sights as they arrived at Zuly's house. Sammy knocked on the door and awaited for a response...but nothing. He knocked once more and waited again...and finally he heard a voice which sounded all too familiar however in a language he did not understand, “Quien es?” said the voice. Sammy knew that this was his sensei and replied, “It's me sensei! Sammy!” Zuly then promptly opened the door and greeted Sammy, “Ahh como estas chico?”
Sammy, “Uhh...good ma'am”
Zuly, “Oh! Ooops, sorry child. I don't get many visitors from the North around here so you have to forgive me as I'm so used to speaking in my native tongue.”
Sammy, “It's fine ma'am, I understand...may I come in?”
Zuly, “Of course my child! Oh, and who is this?”
Sammy, “This is Ninja, he's an android from the future...trouble has begun in Kawaii I'm afraid”
Zuly, “I see...well come in then so we can discuss this”

Zuly guided them to some chairs to sit down and talk in her living room. Zuly then snapped her fingers and a boy of oriental decent came out and greeted everyone in the most proper way possible and then Zuly ordered the boy to bring back something for them to drink.
Sammy, “Who's the boy?”
Zuly, “He's an orphan I found on the streets, just like you Sam”
Sammy, “Does he have a name?”
Zuly, “Why of course! He's not an object...his name is Bloos”
Sammy, “I see...are you teaching him as well?”
Zuly, “I'm afraid not...he doesn't really have the aptitude for learning magic. However the boy is quite good with his hands and builds various contraptions which I have never even heard of in the land of AF!”
Sammy, “Oh, so he's quite the engineer then?”
Zuly, “Yes he is...but enough small talk, what is it that made you come all this way down South?”
Sammy, “Well, I'll let Ninja explain since he's from the future after all”
Ninja, “Right well, around this time Iept has become the new mayor of Kawaii somehow and has turned the great city into giant horror...if we don't stop him, he will eventually destroy the world” *All this time Ninja had been staring straight at Zuly's cleavage*
Zuly, “And what is it you need from me?”
Sammy, “Sensei please! You must teach me how to delete someone's memory...I'm afraid Miku the Siren has been broken mentally after being raped by Unknown the troll”
Zuly, “Oh dios mio! The poor thing...very well, I can teach you the spell. But why not let me join you on your quest to stop the mad man known as Iept?”
Sammy, “That's...wow, that's even better than I expected! Yes, please join us!”

After getting her things ready to leave Bloos approached Zuly and said, “Wait! Let me come with you!”
Zuly, “It's far too dangerous for you my child”
Bloos, “No wait...please...I can help!”
Sammy, “How?”
Bloos, “I've built something that can cut the time of travel by a lot!”
Sammy, “...like a teleportation device?”
Bloos, “No! A vehicle!”
Ninja, “That'd be awesome! I'm tired of traveling by foot and horse...my ass is sore...” *he remembered the night before
Zuly, “Very well boy, but please try to remain by my side at all times...I can't risk loosing another child”
And off the left to Miku's chamber to heal his broken mind.

As they arrived to the coast, now in a matter of hours with Bloos' vehicle, Sammy had learned the spell thanks to Zuly. However in order to practice it, Sammy had to use it on Ninja before hand and he deleted his memory of their faggot ass night together. Sammy casted his spell to summon Miku once again, and Miku appeared before them all. “Miku! I can heal your mind...please let me help you!” said Sammy.
Miku, “...I...ok”
Sammy then casted his newly learned spell upon Miku and deleted his memory of his violent rape. And just like that, Miku's mind had been healed and he once again regained his aura that all siren's have.
Miku, “...Whoa, what are you all doing here? Wait...we killed Unknown already? Wtf...”
Sammy, “Come Miku! We must head to Kawaii to stop Iept!” And with that, they drove off towards the city of Kawaii.

Meanwhile DT and Pai had spoken to the Oracle in the land of Cali. DT had once saved the Oracle's life in a past journey of hers, and the Oracle was more than ready to help the couple. The Oracle was a wise oriental man who shaved his head for some unknown reason, but it was really shiny and I can see my reflection in his head so its cool lol. DT then said to the Oracle, “Tran...can you please help us?”
Tran, “Of course DT, for you...anything!”
DT, “Anything you say?”
Tran, “...yes?”
DT then suggested that they had a threesome, but Pai was against it.
Pai, “No! I'm not sharing my love with anyone!”
DT, “Please? It'll be so fun...plus after this he will help us!”
Pai, “...well, ok I guess”
And then Tran, DT, and Pai had a threesome. To say the least...it got nasty.

After the sex, Tran unlocked their inner potential which would allow them to fight even better. However before they left, Tran asked them, “Let me join you in your quest!”
DT, “But Tran...you don't have many fighting capabilities”
Tran, “Well perhaps, but I can provide back up support in battle...also I'm a great strategist”
Pai, “We'll take all the help we can get!” And thus, they too headed out to the city of Kawaii.

-Meanwhile in Kawaii-

Iept, “This was all too easy...and it was all thanks to you Bugz!”
Bugz, “My pleasure master...but is it really ok to allow PT to live?”
Iept, “Have no fear, without his power as mayor he's nothing but a useless fool!”
Bugz, “Yes master, hehehehe”
Iept, “Stop laughing! ...shits really creepy, besides its not like I have forgotten what you did!”
Bugz, “Yes master, sorry hehe”
Iept, “...Go and bring forth the one known as Nobel!”

End Chapter 4.

Chapter 5: Noble

Chapter 5:
Many riots had ensued after Iept took over the city of Kawaii, niggas was lootin' and shit. The city was falling apart, buildings set aflame, people dying on the streets...while many just tried to survive by escaping, it was all stopped thanks to Iept's new security system that he had installed. No one was allowed to leave nor enter the city without Iept knowing. There were a small few of citizens who had tried to band together in order to stop the madness Iept had started, but it failed miserably. Unfortunately for the citizens of Kawaii, the creature known as Bugz had casted a mysterious spell on the city which started to turn their minds to chaos and eventually crack and add to the madness. Shit was getting bad to say the least. Brandon the bartender was one of the few who tried to fight back, however he was caught by Bugz again...however this time he wasn't as lucky as last time to just receive a simple ass tappin. Bugz corrupted his mind with his poisonous kiss, and he was forced to do his bidding there after.

All the chaos that was stirring up in Kawaii started to alert all the evils in the lands of AF, including the Forest of the Damned began to awake as well as those that dwelled among it. However this was not just a coincidence, as this was all part of Iept's plan...using Bugz mysterious dark powers this was all being manipulated. All was going according to keikaku for Iept...
“Where is Nobel!? You told me this would summon him!” said Iept
Bugz: “My master...please, you must have patience”
Iept: “Don't tell me what to do you fool!” *slaps Bugz*
Bugz: “Yes my master...however...”
Iept: “What!?”
Bugz: “I fear that we are making a mistake by summoning Nobel, do we really need him?”
Iept: “Shut up! I don't need your damn advice! Just keep casting your bullshit evil or w/e!”
Bugz: “As you wish master...”

As Sammy, Ninja, Zuly, Miku and Bloos began to arrive to Kawaii, they started to feel uneasy and sense evil things coming from the direction of the city. Sammy casted a spell in order to try and see ahead in an attempt to prepare for anything that may occur and he could see the city in flames and creatures, some of which he had never seen before, coming out of the forest. Sammy was so startled he looked over at his master and said, “Things don't look too good!”
Zuly: “Yes, I saw already Sam...I fear this isn't going to be as simple as we thought”
Ninja: “What's going on?”
Sammy: “Various demons are coming out from the Forest of the Damned...and the city is on fire”
Ninja: “Damn...it's happening already”
Miku: “If Ninja is here...doesn't that mean we don't make it?”
Sammy: “...Let's focus on what's ahead of us for now”
The group finally arrived at Kawaii and they could see that the city had been shut off by a giant wall, that was surrounded by many many creatures. Bloos stopped the vehicle near the lake and said, “I can't risk going any closer...we need to go by foot from here, I'll hide the vehicle in case we may need it later.” And then they began to head towards the gates of the city, Miku heard something coming from the direction of the forest and turned around.

Many demons were coming out from the forest, Miku then told the group, “I think we better hurry up...there's too many of them out here!” With that, the group began to run towards the gates of the city. When Miku looked back again he saw the lake turn to black and a whirlpool began to form, and from it a demonic creature jumped out of it. The creature was large and had scales covering its body, with black eyes that almost appeared to suck in the light around them. The creature let out a roar that sent chills down Miku's spine, and then it grabbed another creature near it and ripped it apart with it's bare hands and charged toward Miku and the group. The creature was much faster than the group and quickly caught up to them and leaped towards Miku, he managed to duck it. The creature landed on Ninja and began to tear his back apart with it's claws, however before he could do more damage, Zuly casted a magic that sent the creature flying away at an incredible speed. “Hurry the fuck up!” she said as Bloos and Miku helped Ninja get back to his feet.

As the group arrived at the gates of the city they realized that the gates had been torn apart, and they easily walked into the city. As soon as they entered the group could see DT, Pai and Tran fighting off creatures. They ran towards them and began to help them in their struggle. Pai jumped on a large demon's back and began to bite the the back of its neck, the demon tried to reach around and grab Pai, however before that Pai managed to rip through it's neck and the demon dropped dead. DT slashed open a demons chest cavity and slashed off another's head in quick succession. All the while Tran was providing back up to the duo by healing any injuries they may have sustained from a short distance. A demon tried to launch an attack behind Tran, but before he could Sammy casted a strong magic that made the demon burst into flames and crumble to ashes. As they combined their forces the group were slowly progressing through to the city's center.

Bugz had been keeping track of the entire situation and alerted Iept to it all. However the time had come...the sky turned black and the ground ripped apart, and all the light in the city vanished. Bugz looked at Iept and told him, “He's here my master...”
Iept: “Yes...about time!”
A tornado shaped funnel formed and touched down in the center of Kawaii, and from it a Nobel appeared.
Iept: “Yes!!Nobel! I have summoned you! Obey me!”
Nobel looked at Iept and frowned and spoke with a horrifying voice, “You? Obey you? I am the king of demons...and you wish to command me?! You stupid bitch! My name is Noble the king of demons!”
Nobel...well....Noble, reached towards Iept and ripped out his throat and ate it in front of him before he fell to the ground and died slowly.
Bugz: “Master!! No!!”
Noble: “You...I know you...You are Bugz the vile one. Come, I am your new master now!”
Bugz: “...yes...yes...you are my master now, of course my master!”
And with that the two went underground in the center of Kawaii...probably for some freaky demon sex.

Zuly sensed the great evil's arrival, and after the group managed to escape into a building for cover and temporary rest she told the group of what had just happened.
Zuly: “The demon king has been summoned...”
Pai: “What the fuck? So now what?”
Sammy: “Can we defeat him master?”
Zuly: “I...don't know, the last time I faced Noble he took my only child from me and...” *she began to cry*
Sammy: “Please master, there's no need to explain...”
Ninja: “Well fuck, now what?”
Miku: “We need more help, we're no match!”
Sammy: “You're right, we need to retreat for now and get reinforcements...DT do you know of anyone? I only know of one other person who may be of help”
DT: “Yeah, I know some people who may be able to help us but they are very far away...who knows how things are like over there”
Bloos: “We can take my vehicle there! It'll cut time travel by a lot!”
The group made a tactical retreat from the city and found shelter in a cave outside of the city. There they made plans and split up into 2 groups in order to get help.

-In the Eastern lands of Nippon-

PT had arrived at the house of an old friend of his, he knocked furiously on the door until he opened the door and yelled, “Please! I need your help Nana! Iept has taken over Kawaii and I have no idea what he's got going on but from what I could see things don't too good!”
Nana: “Whoa...dude, chill the fuck out!”
PT: “...plz! You must help me!”
Nana: “I will help you, don't worry...I've already heard news of what's been going on, it's not just Kawaii that is being affected by this all. The entire land of AF is facing a great evil...have you heard any news about DT?”
PT: “No, I'm afraid I haven't...”
Nana: “I see...I'm sure she's still alive, that bitch survived the revolution of Paedo, so I'm sure she can survive this! I hope she manages to assemble her band of heroes...that may be our only hope. As for now we must go and summon him...”
PT: “Him? You mean....oh dear! No we can't!”
Nana: “We have no choice! This is even bigger than the revolution wars of Kawaii and Paedo. The world is being torn apart, the balance has been upset!”
The two got ready and set forth towards a small village without an official name...since after all this village was not suppose to even exist.

End Chapter 5.

Chapter 6: The Moon Has Fallen

Chapter 6:

DT, Pai, Tran and Bloos arrived at a town North of Paedo in the mountains, called The Guild. It was home to many heroes of AF, including DT's band of heroes that she had assembled over the years. Surprisingly enough, the town was peaceful as no demons had arrived there yet. DT slammed open the doors of her own guild and yelled, “Help! We need everyone's help!!” And like clockwork, some people began to appear one by one, the heroes of AF.
“What's going on?” said one of the members
DT: “The demon king has been summoned in Kawaii! We need your help to stop him!”
“Well shit...not like we have a choice” said another member
Pai: “Who are these people my love? Introduce us please”
DT: “Damn it...ok ok, this is Socks, Hollow, Q, Evo, Zpek, and Raze...everyone, this is Pai, my long lost love and Tran our monk friend”
Raze: “Oh snap...I thought you were a lesbian!”
Socks: “...yeah”
Hollow: “I'm confused, so she's bi?”
Q: “I guess so...now it all makes sense”
Pai: “Hey if you're bi, I'm cool with that too”
Zpek: *coughed “Faggot”
DT: “I'll fuck you all up!” *pulls out blade
Tran: “Whoa...easy easy, lets just leave it at that guys. She's not gay, chill out before she goes wild and does something we're all gonna wish she didn't”
DT: “Thank you Tran”
Tran: “...lolfag”
And with that DT raped everyone in the guild including Pai, Tran and Bloos...lol. Shortly after recovering they set off to return to Kawaii.

-PT & Nana-

The two had arrived at a land known as Illinois, there they seeked help before they returned to Kawaii. Illinois was a pretty empty land...not much was known of it except for it's largest city known as Chicago. Chicago was a fairly large city, not as big as Kawaii, but still of a good size. Inside the city of Chicago they arrived in an area known as Chinatown, this where they had last heard of their friend being seen at. During their search for their friend they saw a group of chinks-I mean orientals, circled around focusing at the center. They approached the circle to see what all the commotion was about...as they approached they could see feathers and drops of blood go through the air. When they looked closer they saw it was a cock fight, and all the orientals were really into it...it appeared as if most of them had placed bets. As PT and Nana could see clearly, PT looked over Nana and said, “Wow...Asians sure do love gambling”
Nana: “It's not just Asians! A lot of people like to gamble!”
PT: “...Right”

One of the orientals spotted them and asked them in a heavily accented voice, “YOU WANNA GAMBLE!? HUH!? DORRA DORA! YOU MAKE GUD MONEY WITH COCK!”
Nana: “No thank you”
PT bursted out in laughter at the man's accent and said, “Sure! I'll put 5 on the one with the blue tag”
“5 DORRA?! OK! BLUE!” said the oriental man
Nana: “Goddamnit...”
PT: “Lighten up queer bait! We're in Chinatown!”
The blue rooster jumped into the air and sliced at the red rooster's face, but the red rooster blocked it and countered with it side kick!
Nana: “This is outrageous...”
The blue rooster let out loud squawk and jumped kicked the red rooster...then the red rooster got up and shoryuken the blue rooster.
The blue rooster opened its beak and HADOUKEN!! The red rooster dropped dead...the oriental man looked back at PT and gave him his winnings and the two left the scene.

Eventually the two arrived at a small building near the end of Chinatown, the building had no markings or indication as to what it was, however they knew this is what they had been searching for and went inside. It appeared to be a massage parlor in the front and a home in the back, as they were approaching the back, PT looked at the massage parlor and gestured at Nana, but Nana ignored him and continued to walk to the back. “haha...party pooper” said PT. As they reached the back they saw a man sitting in a chair looking at a pornographic magazine, he looked up to see who it was and smiled and said, “PT! Nana! I haven't seen you two in ages! Come! Sit down...what is it that you've come here for?”
PT: “Tim...we've come for your help. We need you to help us summon...him.”
Tim: “Oh shit...what happened? It must be serious for you to ask me to summon him”
Nana: “Kawaii has been taken over by the demon king, who knows how long it'll be until his forces take over all of AF”
Tim: “lolwut?”
PT: “I lost the election to Iept, and he took over as mayor in Kawaii...as soon as that happened he kicked me out and started turning the place into a place of evil! And he summoned the demon king with the help of some vile creature...please help us!”
Tim: “Iept? Who the fuck would vote for him?”
PT: “He most likely rigged the election”
Tim: “I see...very well, I'll take you two to go and summon him, however I'm not sure how he will react to all this. I'm already stepping on the line by just bringing you two to him”
Tim gathered his things and lead the two to the hidden city.

-Somewhere in Cali-

Tim had lead the two to an area with many hills and palm trees, they could see the ocean from where they were, it looked so beautiful that they almost forgot of the horrors in Kawaii. Tim finally stopped and turned around and looked at the two and said, “Ok, we're here...stand back.” He clapped his hands and said something in foreign tongue that neither of the two understood. The ground around them shook and a large boulder moved out of the way from an opening and out came a cat like figure. It spoke to them and said, “Nyaaaa! Oh man...that was a good nap”
Tim: “Luna! I've come and summoned you because Kawaii has been taken over by the demon king!”
Luna: “Nyaa...again you mortals need my help?”
PT: “Please Luna! You helped us when Kawaii and Paedo had their revolutionary wars, and we're ever so grateful for that...but this time not only Kawaii needs your help, but the entire land of AF!”
Luna: “I see...nya...I guess I have no choice but to help”
PT: “Thank you! Oh thank you so much!”
Luna: “Nyaaaa! Please, you flatter me...it's not like I'm a god or anything”
Nana: “Demigod is the next best thing though”
Luna: “Nya! Very well, lets go”
Luna wagged his tail and wiggled his ears and whiskers and they teleported.


The land had begun to be invaded by demons. Kawaii was in ruins and still aflame...it appears our heroes are too late to save the city. The demon king Noble reappeared with his new minion Bugz to the surface and a giant castle had sprouted through the center of Kawaii, on top of the castle was a throne fit for none other than the demon king, and that's exactly where he sat to watch his army destroy all of the land of AF. The demon king had a thing for women of Korean decent...particularly ones who could sing and were in large groups and fairly famous. He had his army capture some of them and he had them perform for him. Soon after his lust grew and he reached out for one of the girls but then, a spark appeared in Kawaii and out from it came Luna, Tim, PT, and Nana. The demon king smiled as he was familiar with the demigod known as Luna and he flew down from his throne to confront the group...Bugz slithered along. When they confronted the demon king Noble was the first to speak, “Ahahahaha! Luna! You've decided to make an appearance I see...”
Luna: “Yeah that's right”
Noble: “Why are you here?”
Luna: “You know why”
Noble: “No, I'm afraid I don't...you see, I'm well aware that you are no longer a demigod”
Before anyone could even let out a gasp, Noble grabbed Luna by the throat and lifted him into the air.
PT: “What!? How is this possible...how did he lose his demigod status!?”
Luna kicked and screamed in order to try and attempt to free himself from the demon king's grasp but it was worthless, for his power was too overwhelming. The demon king tightened his grasp and prepared to rip out his throat just like he had with Iept.

Out of no where a giant fireball slammed and hit Noble in the face and he dropped Luna as he stuttered and fell to his knee. The demon king let our a roar that filled the skies, and he quickly stood up and looked around for where that fireball came from. When he found the source, a figure engulfed in flames drop kicked his shit. It was Raze the pyromancer! He and the others had finally arrived and they were starting to kick some serious demon ass. Raze ran over to Luna and said to him, “Luna!! Are you ok!?”
Luna: “Raze...it's you”
Raze: “Oh Luna!”
While the two fags were making up for lost time, Noble stood back up and charged at them. He tackled them both down and attempted to bite them but then DT jumped in and kicked off the demon king from them. She slashed at the demon king and spun around and kicked him again. DT then ran up and tried to slash at Noble's throat but he caught her blade with his bare hands in midair and held up DT in the air due to the fact that she still firmly held onto her blades. He reached at her throat and gripped it tightly and began to tear at it. DT let out a cry for help as blood began to drip from her neck...it appeared as if the life our hero was about to end.

End Chapter 6.

Right...so I took a break from this for way too long lol, but I did happen to find this when I opened up the story. (can't recall when I made this)

Chapter 6.5: Slipping

Chapter 6.5:

“Dark. Silent. Cold...

He could see his breath in front of him, his lips and hands numb...

Dark. Loud. Hot...

She could see rings of smoke drift away, lips and face numb...

She walked in and saw him laying in a pool of his own blood...his veins tired. He dreams, his eyelids move as though his eyes were desperately trying to chase something down. In this world he sees her in nothing but white and sunlight...too bright.

He looks into the night sky and sees a small twinkle...so far away. She stares into the mirror seeing her mother....”

DT put the book down and sighed. This book was the last thing left behind from the phoenix, long gone from this time.

“...why...why am I remembering this?” thought DT.

“This can't be my last thoughts before I die...I totally expected to be thinking about something better, like all the times I made sweet love to Pai...the time I fondled Zuly's tits when she was asleep...hell even the time I got raped by Brandon would be half decent!” thought DT as more of her blood spilled.

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