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Remember to Donate! Anime Faction Gaming Broadcast Empty Remember to Donate! Anime Faction Gaming Broadcast

Post by Vendastelca on Sun Mar 25, 2012 2:38 pm

I apologize for being absent for a while, I recently have began my new job as a landscaper so it has been hard and tolling physically and mentally on my body.
It's also been hard for me to do shows because of the restrictions given to us on using Xsplit, From now on a limited-time offer we can get a 2 year license for Xsplit for 60 dollars, unfortunately I won't be getting paid before this offer is over.

This and I would love to play games with you all online steam, such as left 4 dead and many other 10 dollar special releases that are out now. It would be greatly appreciated to those who do watch our show to throw in a few change here and there to support us, otherwise the shows are just gonna be bland without the high quality sound that Xsplit offers for 2 years. Plus with the license we can record games directly via game source, which means no more screen region tool! HD streams and much more special features for the cast.

So if you wish to support the show head on over to

and click the paypal Donate button on the info tab, again it's greatly appreciated, and your help in giving the show some funds as well as my side job to give it funds, we'll turn out to be a very popular group. I've even advertised us on various groups on facebook and hundreds of people are interested in what we do on anime faction because of it. So stay strong and lets help each other out! ^_^

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