What do you consider when you buy figures?

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What do you consider when you buy figures?

Post by Pai on Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:58 pm

What are your top considerations when buying a figure?

Here's my list starting with the most important to least.

1. Art style/ level of detail. If I find a figure to be truly amazing I will get it as long as it's reasonable. I have multiple figures of characters of shows I've never seen.

2. Do I love the character? I will have more figures of characters I love more. (Rei and Stocking) I also will not buy figures of characters I hate.

3. Price: Anything over $100 makes me think twice about getting it. I have yet to buy a figure over $200. I may someday.

4. Appropriateness. A lewd figure could be made perfectly and be absolutely beautiful but I most ikely won't get it because I get figures to have them displayed and it'd just be a bit weird to have family/friends/guests see a pornographic-styled figure on display.

I'll add to and refine this list as time goes on.

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