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Well, here I'll be posting my personal stuff, favorite sig requests I did for others, and all GFX associated stuff I made.
NOT TO BE CONFUSED, this is not a place for requests, my Sig Shop will be re-activated in due time.

Sure, this is a thread for me to share my stuff, but further more it's a thread for me to motivate.
Not just others(example wise, PT inspired me, and here I am, years later, a studio designer and freelancer), but also to motivate myself, because being a designer work wise, it kind've killed my own creations. The last thing I created for myself was ages ago...Enough to say, I do not even remember.

So here I am, this will be my showroom, and hopefully I'll be adding new stuff. I hope you like what I bring to the table.

I was crappy, but I tried, I had ideas, but not enough skill. This just a little piece of my overall beginners scrapyard.

This about the time I felt more at home in the GFX threads, when I felt I had something to offer.

Yeah, I liked Avril once xD

Actually something important to me, this sig achieved my first AF Sig Tournament victory

A sig used for my first duel with PT~desu

Also a sig used for my first duel with PT

This sig brought about my second AF Sig Tournament Victory, not all were happy, since I understood that winning is not always about quality, but the impression one leaves on the voters, and I did make people laugh their asses of, so in the end a few where mad, but it's not my problem I took a better jab at AF's humor. The theme was romance, and in real life, romance ain't always about holding hands, so this gay blowjob was actually, the most realistic sig in the tourney with a dash of shock value

Ah, I love this one. My favorite themes are Crossovers & Comedy.
Comedy wise, this one was my favorite

A sig used for my second duel with PT~desu, and it hold value to me since I outdid PT in his own favorite theme, best part was, I actually took inspiration from him and used his style against him, while still holding true to my way of things.

My dedicated sig for AF, it's kind've a point when I stopped posting in GT's AF

Overall, my favorites, from the period that I sucked at it, to my Golden Age.

Maybe even my favorite sig I've ever made.

This would be my favorite ecchi sig I ever made

These are requests I did for others.

Noble's request, it proved that I could tackle the mindfuck request scenario

A sig I made for my girlfriend, before we were together, she loved those 2 characters, I used the sig to give out hints to where I wanted us to go, so since we are together for 1y8m, I figure, it worked :D

A friend wanted to be a Jedi, so I made it happen, this from the days where I wasn't all that good, but It was my first manipulation ever, so hence the fact it has meaning to me.

This was made because the dude was pissed at the fact that how rare manga is in our country.

Some non-anime related stuff. This one would be me and my girlfriend, the job was to make it look more glamorous, just for fun.

A friend had a photo she liked, but didn't sleep for 2 days, so she wanted dem pillows gone, and a more colorful summer mood to he photo.

All in all, this is probably 10% of my overall creations, but these are worth sharing. Hope you like 'em, and I hope I get to post many more new stuff here on an active basis. Since my life is more peaceful nowadays, I hope to see myself create stuff for myself again.

Last but not least, I'll link here my AF TAG THREAD episodes, GT's AF loved them, so why not share again.





Due to the enormous size of ep5, I have to share it via mediafire:
mediafire.com view/?5mfubob4rf3d2z0[/center]

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Post by MikuHatsune on Sat Aug 18, 2012 6:49 pm

the dude with the lightsaber is the best one hands down lol xD