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Post by PT-Desu on Mon Nov 07, 2011 12:11 am

First thing you should do before creating a Thread
Use the search option and see if a thread was already made.
If a game is multiplatform there will be only one thread and tagged as such ( [MP] )

A Thread that isn't related to a specific game doesn't need a tag
Thread examples: "What console do you play the most ?" ; "Which fighting game do you like the most ?"


Always tag your thread depending on its content !
Tags always comes first before thread title.

Make sure to tag your Threads accordingly.

List of Tags

  • [PC]
  • [PS3]
  • [Xbox360]
  • [Wii]
  • [Multi-Plat]
  • [3DS]
  • [PSP]

I think the tags speak for themselves, if a game is only on the 360 and PS3 you can just add [X360/PS3] for example, Multi-Plat goes for the 3 consoles.

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