Death Race 3: Inferno

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Death Race 3: Inferno

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 06, 2013 6:48 am

It just so happens that Fast and Furious 6 won’t be the only racing film out in 2013, as the Death Race series continues in another direct-to-DVD sequel Death Race 3: Inferno, releasing on January 22nd.

Death Race 3: Inferno is a direct sequel to Death Race 2, which was a prequel to the original Death Race starring Jason Stratham, as Luke Goss reprises his role of Frankenstein who is transferred to another prison for one last Death Race in a bid for freedom.

But let’s face it, if you’re watching a Death Race film the chances are the preposterous plot isn’t your main priority – it’s the crashing cars and gruesome fatalities that keeps us coming back for more, and Inferno looks as if it won’t be bucking the trend as you can see in the trailer below.

In contrast to the secluded prison environments seen before, Inferno’s prison is set in the open desert landscape of South Africa, so we can expect some more exotic action set-pieces. It will therefore hopefully be a fitting and destructive grand finale to the series that was originally inspired by the cult-classic Death Race 2000.


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