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Post by WolfWood37 on Wed Jun 26, 2013 4:06 pm

To your first point, I don't know but its possible. However I don't think Superman will be traveling much in this movie series.

2nd point, yeah they was a ton of collateral damage I agree. However I've seen the movie 3 times now and the wide CGI shots of the city show Metropolis to be absolutely HUGE. Like say 3 times the size of Manhattan Island. There was alot of city left standing despite the level of carnage. Yes people definitely got killed in this movie.

However I will say that Zod was hellbent on destroying all of humanity and was mastering the powers before our very eyes. Also Zod had tons of military and combat training. Even Kal-El tried to lure him away there was no guarantee he would have followed. However I do think they should have had a scene of Kal-El trying to lure him away. If they had that then I don't think anyone would have complained about that.

As you saw in the fight any time Kal-El got in close combat he was getting his ass kicked. Kal-El was on the receiving end for most of the person to person battles. Goes back to my point of Kal-El having zero training and Zod having lots of it.

3rd point: There was no choice here, no earth prison or tech could have ANY hope of holding Zod, Phantom Zone option was gone, and you had Zod hellbent on wiping humanity out at that point. Kal-El begged him to stop he refused and made the choice to save the people by killing Zod. He clearly didn't want to do it and you could tell it rocked him. However back to my point, Kal-El is still setting his ground rules. If you want to blame anyone it should be the writers and directors for putting him in the impossible scenario in the first place.

Now who knows, they may use this point of Kal-El killing down the road. Maybe that's how they bring Luthor into this by making him out to be a huge threat that could kill anyone just like the rest of the Kryptonians were doing.

Hell maybe that's how they form the Justice League by coming together against Superman because they think he's a threat. I totally see Batman pulling something like that. (And I'm assuming here that this will not be the Nolan Batman but a different Batman for this universe).
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Post by MikuHatsune on Wed Jun 26, 2013 4:08 pm

yeah that atmosphere thing kinda made me scratch my head