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Splinter Cell Conviction

Post by Nanamix on Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:01 pm

Today I am going to kick off with Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction.

A friend of mine decided to gave me a disc, so I installed and play it through to see how it goes with the game, and to my understanding, I have forgotten that PC controls are clunky at times, but we'll get to that.

STORY (Spoilers)

Following Sam Fisher's stint as a double agent, Fisher returns out of hiding having learned that his daughter's death was no accident. Betrayed by the agency he gave his life to, Fisher now finds himself on a mission to uncover the true nature of his daughter's death. He must now stand by his convictions as his investigation leads him to the discovery of a greater conspiracy. Three years after his mission of acting as a double agent, Sam Fisher abandons his job in Third Echelon. After emerging out of hiding, Fisher learns of the possibility that his daughter's death may have not been an accident. Sam decides to go on a quest to get answers, but he finds himself drawn into an even greater conspiracy in which America's security is at stake.


Remember back in E3 2008 or so where it showed this Sam Fisher?

Well, ya ain't having that shit, though I do like his current haircut. It appears when Conviction was first introduced, the game has more freedom and more object interaction than it was as of current. The game does indeed make stealthing and sneaking easier but you're no longer a spy, but more of a pissed of oldie who does not give a shit about shit anymore and going off killing bitches because they used you. The game are more fast paced, and the nit-pick of it comes with the gadget you currently have, where the first few installments up to Double Agent utilize more ordeal of actually being a spy-- which was interesting. However, Conviction comes with disappointment.

Yes, the interrogation move were pretty amazingly detailed and oriented. You can't drag bodies and hide them, which diffuse the level of stealth gameplay, and you can easily take on a huge group with a few grenades and the execution system, so really, there's no intense nor fun in that... well, besides the killing.


Well, to be honest, the game was rather short, I finished it around 5-7 hours or so while playing Realistic mode (The hardest it appears), and easily beaten it. The story was great, but the gameplay was lame, I hope they'll do better in Splinter Cell: Black List.


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