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Void that Evil Plan! Empty Void that Evil Plan!

Post by FightingFurball on Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:30 am

Rules as follows:

One person creates an evil plan on the scale of a bond villain.
The next poster voids it hopefully in a spectacular bond-like manner.
Afterwards the voiding Poster has to present an evil masterplan of his own.
Should he/she/it not provide a plan if his/her/its own, the voiding action is deemed failed and the original evil plan is still in full steam.

So then let me start with a classic.

I take a big amount of really crumbly, poor quality chocolate and form it into a giant ball.
Afterwards I take really fuzzy wool and form a wooly outer layer around the chocoball.
The next step is to launch the wooly chocolate menace into space.
When the satelite reenters the atmosphere the heat causes the wool and chocolate to melt together.
Finally when it crashes back onto earth the ball smah and bit of wooly bad quality chocolate will spill everywhere and children far and near who will taste it and say: 'My this is poor quality chocolate!' and this will cause them to hate chocolate for the rest of their life! evil laugh

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Void that Evil Plan! Empty Re: Void that Evil Plan!

Post by MikuHatsune on Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:47 am

so who decides what is foiled and whats not?

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