Endgame and RP Plan

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Endgame and RP Plan

Post by Nanamix on Tue Mar 19, 2013 8:49 pm

So, maybe it's about time we go through an endgame plan for and with everyone.

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

  • Friday should be focused on Dungeon and Lair Missions to unlock gears and portal for Nightmare Mode. As well as catching new members who just reached Q10 gears to farm and get what can prepare them for endgame.
  • Saturday, same deal. However, if we are geared, but in due future, then this should be the day we do Nightmare runs.
  • Sunday, this is the only day that solely for Roleplaying events, and perhaps should the RP event skipped, then we do Dungeon/Lair/Nightmare.


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