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Post by Hartemis on Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:26 am

Hey people!

I figured out this was the time to create a thread for more detailed profiles of your character.
You can make them simple or very detailed, anything that gives more than the game itself is already enough!
Here's mine, as an example:

Profile Thread Raaaal10
Name: Annlouice Delacroix
Nickname: Hartemis - From Artemis, the hunting goddess. Was chosen as a codename when she entered the Templars, as her job would be oriented towards hunting evil and standing uncorrupted. Besides, Artemis is her favourite mythological entity.
Place of Birth: London, UK
Current Residency: London, UK
Age: 28
Job: Lawyer/Prosecutor
Rank at ECHELON Project: Vice Director
Other occupations: Occult scholar and investigator.
Hobbies: Music, poetry, studying archeology
Hair colour: Blonde
Eyes: Grayish blue
Height: 1,66m
Weight: 60 kg
Miscellaneous information:
.Graduated at Cambridge Faculty of Law
.Professional ties to the Wicker family
.Has lived in Hong Kong for six years
.Her father, Jean Delacroix, is a famous business tycoon.

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Post by Nanamix on Fri Mar 01, 2013 12:10 pm

Profile Thread ND7X3I4

Name: Nanase Sakamoto
Nickname: Director, Nana
Place of Birth:: Maryland, US
Current Residency: Unknown
Age: Unknown; 21 (?)
Gender: Male
Role at ECHELON: Director
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Height: 5'6
Eyes: Brown
Miscellaneous Information:
Personality: Generally humorous, romantic, but mysteriously cold.

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Profile Thread 8MC3JMF

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Post by Upbeat on Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:07 am

{Screenshots eventually}

Name: Reishi Soun
Nickname: Upbeat
Current Residency: London
Country of Origin: United States
Prior Occupation: College Student, majoring in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Age: Unknown, (Estimated 18-22 years old)
Place of Birth:: US
Gender: Male
Role at ECHELON: Currently Vice Commissioner, petitioning for separate title
Hair Colour: Black
Eyes: Brown/Black

Miscellaneous Information:


Originally from the United States, the Templars became aware of Reishi after he blew up a hotel room while on vacation in the British Isles. His loyalty partially stems from the help he received after this disastrous event.

Possessing a generally cheery disposition that not even the horrors of the secret world can dampen, Reishi is probably most well known for his curiosity about the secret world, and his philosophical musing and occasional empathy, or at least a desire to understand, non-humans. After investigating a man who turned himself into a demon, Reishi became very curious about the lives of demons themselves--"I doubt they exist only to destroy human life," he once told fellow Echelon member Catherine.

In the Crucible, it became apparent that he had some prior knowledge of the occult, and was also proficient with most firearms, blades, and elemental magic.

The Templars currently see no reason to investigate him further, he is loyal to the cause.

He is currently on leave from a well-regarded University in the US.


Abnormal events seemed to follow Reishi as a young child, but by his teen years he appeared to be completely normal. Reishi suspects that he simply convinced himself that "magic" did not exist and "forgot" about his powers, though he was occasionally reminded. Reishi recalls several instances, such as being hit by a car and falling off a roof, where he should at least have been injured, but was not.

The incident in London left no doubt in his mind that he was different, and dangerously so.


While chasing dark prophets, defeating religious cults, and thwarting rogue corporations in Egypt, Reishi began to truly grasp the enormity of the war on darkness. He began to question whether he would ever be able to return to his old life if he simply allowed events to unfold. He still believes that at some point, Gaia will no longer need him, but he began to wonder how long it might be before that day would come. He briefly contemplated if there would be a point at which he could safely leave The Secret World of his own volition, but then Sonnac ordered him to go investigate the Vampires in Transylvania, and all thought of leaving vanished from his mind. He had never seen a real vampire before, and there were supposed to be werewolves too!

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Post by Momentary on Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:19 am

Profile Thread MiSr14B
Name: Alicia Villicana
Nickname: "Momentary". Alicia lives life day-to-day, doing her best to maintain her sanity as the nightmares-- both waking and sleeping-- intensify. Her life was never particularly easy, as she bounced from one struggle to the next, starting with her education, continuing through ballet, and her time with the Los Angeles Police Department. She hasn't had much time to slow down, and it's beginning to show. She chose this nickname for her own amusement, but it's true enough. Any moment could be her last. So she lives like each would be.
Place of Birth: Paso Robles, California, United States
Current Residency: London, UK
Age: 29

Hair colour: Black
Eyes: Golden
Height: 5'11" (1,80 m)
Weight: 142 lb (64 kg)

Profession: Law Enforcement - LAPD
Rank at ECHELON Project: Commissioner
Education: Master's in English Literature (Minor: Occult Studies), University of Southern California (USC)
Hobbies: Ballet, singing, video games, exercise, reading
Known languages: English, Japanese, Italian, German (some), Korean (basic).

Miscellaneous information:
-Haunted by a lurking spirit of immense power.
-Raised at an orphanage in South Central Los Angeles.
-Excellent long-term memory, especially from written material.
-Beautiful, but a mixture of modern and traditional beauty.
-Always seen wearing her glasses.
-Animal lover.

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Post by Lunaru on Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:29 am

Name: Lunaru Eska
Bio: Luna has always tried to live on the brighter side of situatuions in life..hopeful and sure things would get better even when they are at their darkest. At the age of five Luna lost both her parents in an accident..sending her into her first spiral of depression. Taken in and raised by her grandmother out in the country side she slowly began to come out of it...learning from her grandmother's approach to life. Though uplifted...the pain and lonliness never fully disappeared. As Luna grew into her teenage years she masked it through her love of gymanstics and her Kendo Practices with her grandmother...using it to hone her body,instincts, mind, and spirt. With her pain gone and mind at ease she moved through highschool hoping for a brighter future..that is till the "Dream" came...and she awoke into a nightmare. Burdened with powers she couldnt understand or control...damaging and hurting everything and anyone near her started forcing Luna back to depression...but again her Grandmother uplifted her and helped her giving her rune crafted bangles to supress her if she had known what was going on all along. Living in fear and pushing herself to be away from others..she manages to finish highschool just to recieve an unexspected visit and invitiation where she had high hopes shed finally find help with her powers. Only to find..her nightmare has only just begun to get darker.

Birth: Somewhere in Tennessee, United States
Age: 19
Hair: Platinum (Genetic from her Grandmother)
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'9 5'10
Weight: ( Luna: How rude! *frowns* )

Rank in Echeolon Project: Secretary
Professions: none
Hobbies: Video Games, Sword Play, Gynmastics, Running
Languages: English

Fast, Flexible, Full of Stamina and Stealthy when needs to be.
Emotionly Sensitive
Prone Blushing
Slightly Rebelious
"Popping" with little to no warning (Beware!)

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Post by Mr.Connolly on Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:35 am

Name: Tom James Connolly
Nickname: Mr. Connolly
Place of Birth: Carrickfergus, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, U.K.
Current Residency: Maintains an apartment in London, England, U.K. *See Psyche Evaluation
Age: 32
Job: Templar Agent/ Investigator/Trouble Shooter. *Official Cover International Importer/Exporter
Rank at ECHELON Project: 1
Other occupations: *Other cover occupations* Medical Doctor, University Professor, Diplomatic Attaché/ Translator, Gardner,
Hobbies: *See Psyche Evaluation
Hair colour: Ginger
Eyes: Green
Height: 195.58 cm
Weight: 113.398 kg
Miscellaneous information: Education: Primary: Victoria Primary. Secondary:
Downshire School. Higher: Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Trinity College, and Oxford University. Degrees in Linguistics, Ancient History, Political Science, and Occult Studies.

Military Service: British Territorial Army-Special Air Service-22nd Regiment-‘A’ Squadron.
Final rank- Captain

Recruitment to MI 6, directly from military service. -Assignment to counter espionage and Embassy Service.

Recruitment to Templars from MI 6, attachment to special projects unit headed by Richard Sonnac.

Psychological Evaluation: Captain Connolly exhibits traits of social and emotional detachment.

Dr. Mason: “Tell me Captain, when you were involved in operations with the SAS in *passage censored* did you feel any remorse for the taking the life of *passage censored*?

Captain Connolly: “No ma’am.”

DM: “Can you elaborate any further?”

CC: “You wish for me to express statements of discomfort, self doubts, and regrets? The simple truth of the matter Doctor Mason, is that I felt nothing more powerful then the recoil of my weapon that night in *passage censored* it was the task I was assigned to, I did it, and this is the first time since my debriefing that I have even considered to think about *passage censored* or the *passage censored* I imagine that would suggest I harbor latent psychopathic tendencies, you would perhaps like me to express discomfort at the notion of my mother engaged in sexual congress with my father, or the neighbors, secretly demanding that it be myself betwixt her legs? Perhaps you would like an admission of anger towards, and a release of enjoyment in the torture of small animals? Shall I tell you I wet the bed till I was seventeen?”

DM: “You feel that mocking this process is the most effective use of your time Captain Connolly?”

CC: “Hardly doctor, I would instead tell you that I feel the process to be quite therapeutic, if perhaps a little foolish. Doctor Mason, I enjoy my work, but once it is over, I move on to the next task. A carpenter does not obsess over the last nail driven into a plank, I do not relive the last throat cut, or bullet placed into the triangle. There are far more terrible things in the world then ones own self conscious nipping at their heels, there are *passage censored*”

The remainder of the conversation is on matters that are password classified beyond Ultraviolet clearance.

The Captain maintains an apartment locally in London. It does however show a lack of personalization, white walls and grey white furniture, no art or photographs, a lack of any awards, or keepsakes that would suggest a sense of history, or accomplishment.

His scant few possessions are maintained in immaculate order, but again suggest a certain detachment from more human warmth, combined with the report that Captain Connolly has no known hobbies, even after four separate background evaluations and security checks. Traits that while nearly ideal for deep cover agents, can be grounds for concerns should said agent go, as our American cousins in the C.I.A. call it, off the reservation.

Known Skills: Skilled linguist, assessments of his mental abilities suggest that Connolly may possess an eidetic memory.
Trained in the use of military rated firearms and equipment, cross trained in combat field medicine, and some explosive demolitions and ordinance removal.
Trained in the use of some civilian light aircraft, including helicopters.
Trained in surveillance/counter surveillance, interrogation, resistance to interrogation, and various other forms of spy craft.

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Post by Black-Saint on Sat Mar 16, 2013 12:19 pm

Name: Dante J Silverling
Nickname: The Black Saint
Age: 25
Birth Place: Phoenix, Arizona
Past Residency: New York
Current Residency: London, UK (Rarely used on the move)
Current Job: Templar Agent.
Past Job: (Neet)
Hair Color: Silver,White
Eye Color: Red
Skin Color: Pale
Race: Caucasian/Asian
Education level: Westminster High School graduate

Profile Thread Img-th10
(As a Boy)
Bio: Dante lived most of his life with his mother in Arizona, A strange quiet child born different from other children, born with bright Silver/White Hair and bright red eyes other children avoided Dante or bullied him. At age 10 Dante was expelled from school for accidentally setting another child on fire, the child survived but mentally scarred, being sent to a juvenile school Dante was feared by many if not all the children and preteens of the school for his actions and his fascination with fire, though he was very kind and had a good heart. By the age of 13 Dante's Mother died from unknown causes was found dead in an ally way no wounds or signs of a struggle just a horrified expression, after his Mothers death Dante was sent to New York to live with his Father who happened to be a Church Pastor. By age 16, Being the son of a Pastor most assumed Dante was much like his father, A saint among men, Dante though kind was no saint he would get into many fights in school, laze about, and even skip many classes, he would often get into fights with the local gangs or groups of the area. By age 17, One day Dante was caught up in a fight by two of the local gangs, in a fight for his life Dante was pushed back back into a corner in some New York Ally by a group of gang members Dante was beaten to an inch of his life, At that time as Dante was about to breath his last a deep unawakened power burned from with in an shot forth burning the gang members alive, Non that cornered him survived. After limping home Dante told his Father about the incident in the ally, Shocked and fearful of what might come, Dante's Father closed the church and along with Dante left the United States for the UK. Incidentally Dante's power never again reemerge till many years later.

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Post by Bladeo on Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:50 pm

Name: Niro Ciroc
Nickname: Bladeo
Place of Birth: United States
Current Residency: London, UK
Gender: Male
Role at ECHELON:New Recruit
Hair Color : Red
Height 5'9
Eyes: Blue
Misc: Templar folder reads. This man was found on a mission beaten and half dead it looks like he was left and abandoned by his last cabal. He was wearing the uniform of the Spiritus Venator. When asked what happened to him and the rest of his team he says he knows nothing. After keeping him under close surveillance nothing abnormal was found beside the fact he often keeps to himself.

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