Story Time With Killermen

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Story Time With Killermen

Post by Killermen on Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:32 am

All the information is 100% true and is apart of my life and there are many who can attest to these facts. Don't know if its against the rules. T_T Excuse the mannerisms for in the excitement of retelling i forget proper education.

Although i have only been alive for 19 years you learn things.

Story time:

I woke up one mourning and just like any day i had to go to work at 8 oclock.
I wake up shower get some breakfast but this was a special day. Cheese and Sausage Mcgriddle from mcdonalds who can beat that right?

This was the last day before i went on my college visiting in florida.
So i go to clock in and on the calender it says transgender appreciation day and new employee visitation.

I look confused saying "this is random" to myself with no one around. Then, i see my friend chris walking down the gardening department. Yes i work at a home depot.

I said hey chris you ready for this meeting? he goes yea this is a good one bud. i've only known chris for a short time and this was the first day he had worn shorts but always had on the same hoodie its now may. shorts were a fresh cargo color and same black faded hoodie.

Anyway the meeting was scheduled for 10 and now it was 9 50. we head back to the break room and we see this girl. I thought to myself it's obviously a man because of the transgender memo. we get in there and they start going over the sexual harassment guidelines which are not needed in this case. The girl was cute but that went out the window with the memo out there and the introductions were made and the meeting was ending so we could get back to work.

Me and chris are in the back and he invites me to his house for some videogames during the break which is a hour long and he mentioned call of duty and who can refuse that. We even invite the new girl her name was Sam. Did i mention this was my first time going to chris's house? no?

anyway its break time and i'm getting into the car and sam started running extremely fast almost like a hungry cheetah chasing a wounded antelope

time was scarce i guess. we get the house and chris lived in the basement which had 2 rooms. the main room which resembled a living room and a little door on the left leading to the bed room. after 2 games of search and destroy i said "chris where is the bathroom?"

He said upstairs and to the left of the master bed room can't miss it. i go up stairs and see his mom a very attractive lady and i greet her as a young black male should. after exchanging pleasantries she says "im glad chris has made new friends his old ones weren't very understanding." i go what do you mean?" she says "chris is "different" i go well he seems cool and i walk away to the bathroom.

On my way back to the basement i look into a room that had pictures of chris and his mom and then random photos in a box of his mom and some young girl. I thought must have a sister. Minding my business i get the basement door and i hear moaning. like two cats fights "moahhhh moahhhh" anyway i was like Chris must of got sam already but i figured i've seen hentai and porn enough to know whats happening lets see anyway. i thought as i stepped down the stairs maybe chris is the transgender. which would make this a girl on girl. as i grew excited my pants tighten and i tried to be as sneaky as possible. i get to the main room and the moaning wasn't there. the floor so solid i could run like a ninja to the next room and not be heard.

i get to the door arms and palms sweaty with my knees weak. and i see chris on top in backwards saddle and sam's hair to the right of my fresh concord jordans. I screamed thinking it was a rat and they both looked up. Chris hopped of the bed and before i turned i saw sams..... magic stick! i started yelling and screaming while chris tried to explain his voice heightened like a 13 yearold boy and his mom came running down. his mom said dimitri whats wrong i said "your some was getting anal from our new male employee!" she looked up and said Chris go upstairs! sam hid in the closet so chris's mom couldn't see her i was standing in the rooms doorway as i said it was too small for 2 people. Chris's mom said come out now. sam came out with her head down and apologize to chris's mom saying it was in the heat of the moment. Me confused because i was only gone for 15 minutes. Chris's mom said " its okay now go call aunt chloe.... i mean uncle cleveland". i went from confused to shocked you mean chris and same are related?!!!! i started panicking thinking how could this get any worse trying to contain myself was out of the question. she looked at me and said "chris didn't tell you we all have sex changes in this family". I threw up on her feet from the confusion and she yelled with a voice that sounded more like bernie mack or shrek. I dashed from the house and called my mom. quit home depot the next day and was in florida.

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Re: Story Time With Killermen

Post by Destructo on Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:13 am

...I'm speechless.
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Re: Story Time With Killermen

Post by NinjagoonAF on Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:20 am

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Re: Story Time With Killermen

Post by MikuHatsune on Mon Jan 28, 2013 2:24 am

holy crap..................youre black? lolol jk jk

i guess thats one thing you and killaman have nothing in common, killaman is white as day Asmile